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Mahogany chocolate bar sales are taking off in Belize

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It’s now five months after we launched our two new chocolate bars in Belize….the Belizean and Brukdown.

Initially available only in our own Mahogany Chocolate store, located in Ambergris Caye, we soon started getting requests from local stores to supply them wholesale…so we did.

We opened a new cacao processing and chocolate making factory in Punta Gorda, Toledo in Southern Belize. It is 20 minutes from our cacao farms and our fermentation & drying depot. We began reaching out to supermarkets, resorts, gift shops and even stores inside Belize International Airport.

Next, we opened a 2nd storefront located right in our new Punta Gorda factory.

Mahogany Chocolate Outlet store was born!

We had 2 billboard ads designed and installed in high traffic locations in Belize City and we ran a 30 second tv ad on local television featuring both bars and our Executive Chocolate Maker, Armando Choco.

The ad includes a very catchy jingle written by 2 local Belizean kids.

Check them out below!

The 2 bars we created were designed to target 2 specific markets.

The 50% Dark-Milk chocolate Brukdown is aimed at the local market and priced accordingly. The name Brukdown in Belizean means a party and the bars catchphrase “Belizean to the Bone” has resonated with the locals.

The 72% Dark chocolate Belizean bar was originally designed and priced for the tourism market. A higher end, luxury bar that visitors would take home as gifts. And this is proving to be the case.

However, the locals are also loving this rich, fruity dark chocolate bar and it is proving just as popular as the Brukdown in our regular downtown locations.

That’s all well and good Darren but how does this relate to me as a current parcel Owner or a potential new investor? Let me tell you.

As a parcel Owner in our current offering of cacao farm parcels in Belize you share in the revenue generated from the sales of these bars. As well as the many other chocolate and cacao related products like truffles, bon bons, cacao beans, butter and powder.

We are still only scratching the surface with these bar sales but to give you an idea of the growth in sales in the first few months, bar sales in Belize in October were 296 bars. December saw sales increase to 896, and February saw total sales of 3,781 bars.

There is still lots of upside potential and room to grow but if you are a cacao parcel Owner you can be happy in the knowledge that we have 2 excellent products and they are being very well received.

If you are not currently a parcel Owner yet….just respond to this email and reserve some of the few remaining parcels that will allow you to participate in the revenue from these 2 increasingly popular and very tasty chocolate bars.

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