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Mahogany Chocolate Bars Featured On TV!

Sep 11, 2018 | Chocolate, Newsletter

If you have been following our recent newsletters, then you will know that we recently launched 2 new chocolate bars in Belize!

It’s pretty cool seeing chocolate bars on the shelves, in stores and around Belize International airport and thinking…we created that!

Months of hard work went into perfecting the recipe and designing the packaging. Not to mention studying the other bars on the market to strategically place ourselves.

With imported candy bars selling at high premiums and locally produced bars selling for even more, Belizeans were being priced out of their own chocolate!

In a cacao producing country….that’s just not right.

So, we launched 2 bars to shake up the market.

The Belizean which is our 72% dark chocolate, high end luxury brand.

And the Brukdown!

A Brukdown is the word for a Party in Belize. This 50% milk chocolate bar is “A Party In Your Mouth!

Both bars are priced at significantly less than the competition so that everyone can afford them. (Don’t get us wrong there is still a healthy margin.)

Our “Belizean” and “Brukdown” Chocolate Bars!

Both bars are currently available in select locations, around 30 stores and counting.

The full roll-out is continuing daily!

September in Belize is party month and September 8th was Carnival!

So, what better way to launch the Brukdown than to appear on national television during the Carnival Parade.

Here is a link to quick 30 second clip that is creating a “chocolate Buzz” around Belize!

How cool is that?

If you want to participate in the profits from the sale of these brand-new chocolate bars, there is still time.

Ownership of the last few remaining cacao farm parcels allows you to participate.

Contact us now for details!

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