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We are extremely excited to announce that we are now under contract with the largest full-service and refrigerated national food distributor in Belize to carry our complete line of 6 artisanal chocolate bars which include the 4 most recently developed products.

When we rolled out our Belizean and Brukdown bars nationally about a year ago we began selling them just in our own retail outlet, Mahogany Chocolate on Ambergris Caye.

This year we opened a 2nd outlet in our factory in Punta Gorda and added 72 independent locations around the country where our bars are available.

One of these locations is the Belize International Airport where our Mahogany Chocolate bars have been well accepted and will continue to be a hit this tourism season.

Getting further market penetration was proving challenging and was going to involve a large capital investment to acquire refrigerated trucks and to build a sales, marketing and delivery team.

So, we began negotiations with 3 national distributors and after months of doing so, we have reached a win-win agreement with the largest one, and we are starting our relationship off with a December order of 10,000+ chocolate bars.

This agreement is for a minimum monthly order of 100 boxes of each of our bars, totaling about 10,000 a month!

With an existing client base of 600+, the distributor is confident that we can see double that volume over the coming tourist months and most importantly, maintain a consistent year-round supply nationwide.

Getting our bars into these 600+ locations and in the hands of Belizeans throughout the country should very seriously reduce our current dependence on tourists during high season.

And, there is more good news if you are a parcel Owner!

The Curio Collections by Hilton resort where our store is located, is opening another 50 rooms and they are projecting Full Occupancy for the coming high season.

More guests will mean increased “pillow truffle program” sales, more tourists in the resort means more chocolate making classes and the hiring of some additional staff.

In addition to the extra staff needed to hand-make and hand-wrap 10k+ bars a month in our factory! we are continuing in our efforts to provide steady jobs and career opportunities for our community.

Now, with our cacao saplings more than 2 years old and only one or two years away from production, the addition of this national distribution channel and the extra rooms in the resort, we are expecting to see some amazing results and rewards for the last 3 years of extremely hard work.

To our Cacao Parcel Owners…congratulations on your decision to come on board over the last few years.

To those of you who want to participate …now is the perfect time to add cash-flowing cacao farm parcels to your portfolio.

Schedule a call here or send me an email before December 16th and you will also be able to participate in our End of the Decade promotion with our lowest ever prices.

Just as a teaser…you can save $12,000 or more by acting now!

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