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Releasing 40 Parcels Of In-Demand Farmland

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Another busy coffee harvest season is in full swing in Panama while the cacao bean buying team are approaching the peak of the harvest season in Belize.

So, it’s all hands to the pump for now and we are up to our ears in coffee and chocolate.

The coffee harvest season will go on until late March, early April and the majority of the cacao for this year will be harvested by May.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The processing team in both countries will be busy right through the summer meticulously preparing our products to very strict protocols, ready to be sold.

Buyers from all over the world are coming to town to sample and buy our exportable green coffee beans and our many cacao and chocolate products. Such as cacao beans, butter, powder, nibs, couverture and our finished chocolate bars.

Then, when all the products are sold, shipped and paid for…we start again on the farms because it’s planting season!

A farmer’s work is never done.

The farming team are busy now filling out our 77,000-sapling capacity nursery in Panama and our 50,000-sapling capacity nursery in Belize.

These coffee saplings will be going into the new 37 hectares (92.5 acres) of raw land we acquired in Panama in October 2018 and the cacao saplings will be used to plant-out the new 104 acres we acquired in Belize just last month!

The demand for cash-flowing, turnkey managed, productive farmland keeps growing so we are adding to our existing network of farms to keep up with demand.

Now totaling 18 farms across 2 countries.

As times of economic uncertainty are approaching, and many of the people we talk to seeing the 10 year-long Bull market coming to an end soon, our clients are positioning themselves to withstand the next crash.

Taking your paper assets away from the “casinos” of Wallstreet and investing in a safe, secure hard asset like farmland, in a stable economy, where it is producing an in-demand proven product, seems to be a popular way to hedge against the coming correction.

If this sounds like it makes sense to you, we have parcels available in both coffee and cacao farms in Panama and Belize, right now.

Visit the Land Ownership section of our website to learn more and call or email me to see if owning parcels in one of our farms is a good fit for you and for your portfolio.

Multiple parcel discounts on any combination of 3 or 6 parcels apply.

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