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Say Hello To Our New Specialty Coffee Website!

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Without further adieu..we are excited to launch our brand new, completely re-vamped International Coffee Farms (ICFC) website.

Like a butterfly leaving his cocoon after slowly and meticulously developing to its full potential, we are very proud to show off our farms and facilities, our team and our high-end specialty coffee on this new, informative and easy to follow website.

Since we launched our first ICFC website in Jun 2014, the focus has always been geared towards selling half acre parcels in soon-to-be-acquired coffee farms.

And the website content was written by David Sewell and myself. Not exactly coffee aficionados!

Over the last 5 years we have acquired and developed a network of 11 specialty coffee farms, designed and built one of, if not the best, wet & dry coffee processing facilities in the country and put together a 45-person strong, robust team of coffee experts, agronomists, biologists and loyal farmers to run the operation.

With our own on-site quality testing laboratory, climate-controlled storage facility, 80,000 annual capacity nursery and proprietary vermicompost system (or Worm Hotel) we have every step of the coffee making process covered from seed to cup.

But until now, you had no way to see it unless you came on a tour.

This new website has been carefully put together by the professionals in our team and now we are proud to share it with the world!

This new coffee and farming focused website is designed to provide everything a green coffee buyer or coffee industry professional needs to know about our coffee(s) and our farming practices.

When performing their due diligence on new suppliers, buyers want to see how our single-estate, specialty coffee is traced right the way through the value chain from seed to exportable green bean. 

They are interested in how our “closed loop” coffee processing mill uses 10% of the water of a traditional mill, and even that 10% is recycled. 

It is important for them to see that nothing goes to waste and the coffee cherry pulp is re-cycled in our Worm Hotel, and the parchment off the dried coffee is stored to power the furnace to dry next year’s coffee.

This is all very important stuff in the world of Specialty Coffee.

Over time we will be populating the Resourse section with research projects and studies conducted on our farms. Like testing the results of the vermicomposting liquid applied to new an older trees.  

As well as detailed plans already put in place to bring life back to the soil, bring harmony back to our eco-system and protect against soil erosion. 

All implemented to improve our farms and protect the environment around us.

Most importantly, visitors to this site will want to know about our coffee.

When most of our farms reach full production in 2020/21, we will have 6 varietals of coffee available. Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara and the world-famous Geisha.

We can process these varietals in different ways, like Natural, Honeyed and Washed. Giving us the ability to create dozens of unique micro-lots.

Every single micro-lot that comes off each of our 11 farms will have a slightly different, individual flavour profile and now, we have a platform to share it.

If you are not a roaster, trader or coffee industry professional but like the fundamentals behind a $90 Billion coffee industry and would like to participate, visit our parent site to learn how you can own parcels in one of our farms.


We are standing by with parcels available for you…right now!

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