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✍️ Signed and Sealed! Our 1st Cacao Farm in Panama!

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Hello and greetings from all of our Team here in Panama.

To all of our clients and followers in the US, we hope you enjoyed a 4th of July weekend with family and friends and a glimpse of getting back to "normal" after a tough 18 months or so.

While the pandemic was tough on all of us, it gave us some time to pause and take stock of where we are, with our businesses and personal lives. For our Team, it allowed us to spend more time working ON our business versus the busy day-to-day of working IN our business.

One strategic decision we made during that time was to take action and secure the long-term supply of raw cacao for Mahogany Chocolate. As you establish a brand and develop channels to market, you need to know that you have a reliable source of raw ingredients to meet your production needs. And you need to know that those ingredients and inputs will be consistent quality, quantity, and price, year on year.

When dealing with cacao for making chocolate, we also need consistent flavor profiles. And for us here at AgroNosotros, we need to know that the cacao was grown in an Environmentally Sustainable way and that the cacao farmers were well treated and fairly compensated, following our Socially Sustainable business principles.

When you are sourcing cacao from the open market, all of the above is difficult to control.

So, we are very proud to announce that we have acquired a large area of fertile farmland in the Chiriqui Grande area of Panama that was once famous for producing excellent, high-quality cacao.

Choosing Panama as the destination was an important strategic decision.  We already have five operating cacao farms in Toledo, Belize, and now we need to secure the future production of Panamanian cacao.

The logistical benefits of operating a large cacao plantation in a country with the Panama Canal, which uses the US dollar as its local currency, and most of our executive team are located here, making it an obvious choice.

And for our investors, as with our most recent Offerings, we have also restructured our model to make it IRA, 401k, and eQRP friendly once again.

Are you interested in participating in this exciting cacao farmland project in Panama?

Simply reach out via email, and we can begin the due diligence process.

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