Mar 6, 2020 | Newsletter, Other Cacao News, Other Coffee News

We have never said these words since we started operations in 2014…

We are completely Sold Out of Coffee farm parcels in Panama and Cacao farm parcels in Belize!

Congratulations to all our parcel Owners, old and new, who have taken a step to protect their family’s wealth by moving their portfolio away from the volatile stock market (the casinos of Wallstreet!), under-performing IRA’s and Mutual Funds and invested in cash flowing farmland.

We are extremely proud to have 15 specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao farms, totaling 190+ hectares (475 acres) fully operational and in the hands of 400+ happy real estate investors.

Now, just because we have no more parcels to sell does not mean the work stops.

We are approaching our first cacao harvest in Belize later this year and have almost completed our 5th consecutive coffee harvest in Panama. We have seen a steady increase in coffee volumes from the last few harvests as our 5+ years of management and “coffee science” is having an increased effect with each passing year.

And the coffee farms that were planted 3 and 4 years ago are now producing their first crop.

This is a significant step in the next 2 to 3-year growth phase that will get us near full production.

Agriculture is a patient business! And the time to reap what you have sown …is coming soon.

Away from the farming division, we are full speed ahead on developing our coffee and chocolate brands, products and channels for those products to market.

After all these years of developing farms, this is an extremely exciting phase: getting our high quality, specialty products to the world!

Chocolate bar sales in Belize have risen from 500 bars a month back in October 2019 up to 12,000 bars in January and February.

This is due to the launch of a range of 4 delicious new bars (6 bars now in total) and our new relationship with the biggest refrigerated delivery distributor in Belize.

At the same time in Panama, we have been testing the local market with different bars and packaging with very encouraging results.

It doesn’t matter what the stock market does or what the disappointing circumstances are surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus…people are still drinking coffee and eating chocolate!

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