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Tropical Adventure In Panama July 27th to 29th

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We are now only 6 weeks away from hosting our 9th group coffee farm tour in Boquete, Panama.

Scheduled for Friday July 27th through Sunday 29th

The tour starts at 12 noon on Friday 27th and finishes late afternoon Sunday 29th.

Many of our attendees who are already booked have planned some extracurricular activities either side of the coffee farm tour to make the most of their trip.

Everything from white water rafting and ziplining, to white sandy beaches and touring the world-famous Panama Canal. You can explore Panama City’s burgeoning nightlife with rooftop bars and 5-star restaurants all situated in the recently renovated Old Town!

For a full, detailed breakdown of the weekend´s coffee farm tour itinerary and to reserve some of the few remaining seats just click the link below and check out the Farm Tour page on our International Coffee Farms website.

You can read all about the beautiful coffee farms you will visit, the experienced team members you will meet and even the amazing restaurants where we are hosting dinner on Friday and Saturday night, all right there on our farm tour page.

But, why should you come to Panama? And why on this group coffee farm tour?

If you are reading this newsletter that means you heard about our coffee farm parcel ownership opportunity and it piqued your interest. So you reached out to us to learn more about it.

Maybe you heard our Founder David Sewell, speaking with Robert and Russ on the Real Estate Guys radio podcast or with Keith Weinhold on Get Rich Education. To name just a few places!

You like real estate and you like the idea of owning hard assets that produce passive cash flow. Every investment advisor you read or listen to is telling you to get a Plan B and diversify outside of your own backyard.

So offshore agricultural real estate ticks those boxes. You also see the market trends with Specialty Coffee worldwide but you don’t want to move to Panama and pick coffee cherries, do you?

Well don’t worry, you don’t have to. We have you covered with our turnkey management team that has been in place now for 4 years. We handle every aspect of this unique opportunity for you so you don’t have to. Truly Passive!

Our company and our team take care of everything, starting right from identifying the right farms in the first place and doing our boots on the ground due diligence. After an acquisition we then take over operations and go about designing and engineering the best specialty farm possible.

Then, we plant them. With hundreds of thousands of saplings of the most in-demand varietals in the market today.

Our farm management team, including our agronomists and our biologist, work these farms daily to ensure they have all the right nutrients, the correct amount of shade, a well-balanced eco-system and the healthy soil that we need.

We then manage your parcels as part of our network of coffee farms.

Remember, these are our farms too! We are not in the business of selling off all the land and being just a management team.

We started this company with the same goals as you have now. To own offshore hard assets that produce the 2nd highest selling commodity in the world in dollar terms, 2nd only to oil!

And that’s Coffee!

When the time is right we will harvest, process, market and sell all the coffee and you get to participate in the profits of the farm that your parcels are in.

Does participating in the profits of a $90 billion coffee industry from the comfort of your own home sound appealing?

Good, we think so too!

And it won´t cost you millions or require you to buy or manage an entire farm.

Now, you have been following the regular newsletters but you may feel like you need more. You need to see it all with your own eyes to be comfortable enough to proceed.

That’s fine, we get it. You don’t know us personally, not yet anyway!

That is why we host these tours so you can come “kick the trees” and meet the team along with some existing parcel Owners.

To help you even more, here are some Testimonials from parcel Owners who have already been on our coffee or cacao tours.

“As an experienced international real estate investor, I had the confidence to invest in International Coffee Farms’ Panama venture through David Sewell and Darren Doyle.

The business model of turning Boquete, Panama producing commercial coffee farms into specialty high-grade producing coffee farms appears to have a significant and sustainable value-added margin.

The world increasingly has more mouths to feed, less arable land to do it with, and has shown a long-term high demand for coffee. People, process, and product – all three boxes are checked here.”

Keith W.

Being a coffee farm parcel owner for over 1.5 years, I finally got the chance to participate in one of the coffee farm tours.  I am impressed with what I saw!  A seasoned, passionate, and good natured team, a team that takes great pride in their coffee, and takes great care of investors’ money.  If you are an investor looking to diversify abroad and/or into agriculture, or if you are, like me, a non-coffee drinker that always marvels at the line at Starbucks, come check these guys out.  They won’t disappoint.

John Y.

My wife and I LOVED the International Coffee Farm tour.  Darren, David and Debra were gracious hosts. The new facilities are top of the line and the changes they are making in the lives of the “locals” is inspiring. The information given on coffee bean production was quality, the company we were in was elite and the meals provided were absolutely amazing. We most definitely will return at a future date to re-experience and enjoy another coffee tour.

Magin & Lorena

“Having just returned from a week in Panama and a day in Boquete touring the farmland, I couldn’t be happier.  Visiting the actual ICFC project and seeing some of the land that I own, reconfirmed my commitment to productive hard-asset investments.  I walked on my land.  I saw what it produces.  I saw the farm-hands that my land employs.  This investment is more than a piece of paper or some digits on a computer screen.  It’s real, productive land. I’m looking forward to another visit sometime.”

Elliott J.

Heard enough? Click the link, read all about it and let us know if you want to take some of the last few remaining seats.

See you soon right here, in Boquete Panama!

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
Co-Founder & President of AgroNosotros
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