What’s in Stock & What’s in Store?

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Listening to Peter Schiff on the Real Estate Guys podcast the other day and then following his social media posts about the coming economic correction is enough to put a damper on anyone’s day! 

All the talk of tariffs, trade wars and major companies in the US and Europe laying off thousands of employees BEFORE the recession has even started, can burst anyone’s bubble. 

Pun intended! 

Simon Black will tell you, and we agree, that corrections happen and they are a normal part of the economic cycle. The question is what do you do to prepare yourself and your portfolio so you can #1 withstand the correction and #2 prosper during and after it. 

Simon is a big proponent of moving your assets outside your home country, and outside the US. It’s a big world out there with lots of opportunity. 

We chose Panama as our home and place to headquarter our companies. Panama has a stable economy and a proven track record of performing well during the last recession of 2008. 

Diversifying your assets and looking offshore has been a common theme in conversations we have had with our newest parcel Owners over the last few weeks. 

And in fact, over the last few years. 

Many of them are heavily invested in the stock market and are “taking some money off the table” and re-deploying it somewhere safer.  

High altitude specialty coffee farmland is a finite resource and the long line for Starbucks will remain the same no matter what state the stock market or the economy is in.

So, What’s in Stock? 

Many of our newest clients actually assumed we were Sold Out of parcels before we had our consultation call. 

We are pleased to inform you that this is not the case.  

Parcels are available right now for $18,000 plus 5% transfer tax.  

$18,900 all in. 

This is a one-time cost to you with no future fees, local taxes or capital calls and your land will be managed for you turnkey, with no management fee on the front end. 

In October 2018 we acquired an extremely exciting, high altitude and previously untouched piece of farmland in the Jaramillo region of Boquete, Panama.

Only minutes from the 4 farms we previously acquired in the same region. 

Over the last 7 months our farm management team has been busy preparing the soil, managing the shade and engineering the perfect specialty coffee farm from scratch. 

With a raw land farm like this one, not only can we select the most in–demand coffee varietals to plant and those best suited to our region, we can design the farm in micro-lots based on altitude, gradient, soil quality and shade cover as well as the orientation to the sun. 

There are 77,000 saplings in our nursery right now just waiting on the rainy season which is starting to creep in, so they can be planted. 

We are really excited about the enormous potential for this farm once it reaches full production.  

It has all the natural attributes needed to produce world class specialty coffee. 

To reserve your place in this farm now, click here or send me an email and start building your hedge against the coming economic uncertainty – what Simon Black calls a Plan B. 

Darren Doyle
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