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🌱 155,000 Coffee and Cacao Saplings this Planting Season

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“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next best time is today.”

As planting season is upon us once again in Panama, the farms are a hive of activity.

In Boquete, the coffee farmers are preparing to plant 80,000 coffee saplings of the most in-demand varietals across our network of 11 specialty coffee farms. We have operated one large centralized nursery at our Cuatro Camino’s farm for the last few years and distributed the saplings come planting season.

This year, as part of the constant evolution of our farming practices, we created small micro-nurseries in the regions and on the farms, where the saplings would be planted. There are several benefits to this.

This way, the saplings develop at the altitude and micro-climate of the farm in which they will be planted. The risk of damage during transportation is all but eliminated, as well as the cost of doing so. These higher altitude farms also have more natural shade, lower nighttime temperatures, and more rain, creating perfect conditions for “our babies” to develop.

These 80,000 saplings, including varietals like Caturra, Catuai, Pacamara, Typica, and Geisha, will be strategically planted throughout all our farms, getting some farms fully planted and replacing the older trees in the earlier farms we acquired.

As the team begins planting, we will be sure to send you photos and videos to witness this exciting project for yourself.

With the recent acquisition of our first cacao farm in Chiriqui Grande, Panama, the cacao farming team is all hands to the pump as they build out our new cacao sapling nursery from scratch.

It’s a lot of work to clear the area, prepare the soil, create the infrastructure with local bamboo, then begin filling bags. Lots of bags!

This nursery will be home to 75,000 cacao saplings, so that’s 75,000 bags that each need to be filled by hand, on the farm, in the rain and humidity. As you will see in the video below, we have hired a crew from the local villages who have years of experience with cacao nurseries and in these conditions.

It’s incredible to witness as the whole community gathers together, young and old, men and women, working seamlessness, with chickens and roosters roaming free amongst them!

One of the farmers put together some clips from his phone, so we could share the progress and give you an insight into the hard work they do on behalf of our investors and our group of companies.

It’s not Hollywood production quality, but you get the picture!

These 155,000 saplings will need time to reach production, but when they do, they will produce coffee and cacao for 15 and 25 years, respectively. That’s 15 and 25 years of specialty coffee and cacao and 15 and 25 years of passive cash flow for our investors.

And with proper farm management and crop rotation, that can continue in perpetuity,

If you are interested in participating in any of our projects, in creating passive income for you and your heirs from specialty agriculture, schedule a call with me here to find out more about our current coffee and cacao opportunities.

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