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Black gold of the Americas

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​In 1492 when Columbus discovered the Americas, he was searching for Alternative routes to the East to open valuable trade routes.

The then existing trade routes to India provided access to exotic riches like spices, silks and tea.

When the Spanish colonized and took control of what is now modern-day Latin America, their biggest prize was the vast resources of Gold.

Fast forward to today and Latin America, and Panama in particular, is gaining world recognition for producing another exotic asset…. Black Gold! Aka…Specialty Coffee!!

For 3 years running, Panamanian coffee producers have smashed world record scores held for Quality as well as the world record price per pound paid at auction.

High-end specialty coffee from Boquete, Panama has been sold by the 4th generation coffee producing Lamastus family, for an eye-watering $1,029 a lb.

Here at International Coffee Farms, in what was our 4th consecutive harvest since we were established in 2015, we are now seeing steadily increasing prices for micro-lots of our 2018/19 crop, with our nano-lots of Geisha selling for significant premiums.

We feel “Black Gold of the Americas” is an accurate description for this much sought after, high-value crop, especially considering that at the time of writing the C-Market price for commercial coffee on the NYSE is a mere 95 cents…a lb.!

Our Specialty Coffee premiums exceed this number by multiple hundreds of percent!

We spoke at length on our webinar and recent White Paper about the current economic climate and Why Agricultural Real Estate as an Alternative asset makes sense.

The demand, worldwide recognition and unique growing conditions for Specialty Coffee in Panama, coupled with the well-established international banking and shipping infrastructure already in place explains some of the reasons Why Panama is our home and base of operations.

When all of this is taken into account, it demonstrates why owning cash flowing, high altitude coffee farmland in Boquete, Panama is proving so attractive to our Owners.

You don’t need to replicate Christopher Columbus to discover the “new world of opportunity” that awaits you and your family. We have done and continue to do the hard work for you!

Simply schedule a consultation HERE and add the “Black Gold of the Americas” to your portfolio.

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