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Cashflow Ninja Presents – AgroNosotros!

One of the best ways to educate yourself today on finances, money, investing and the global economy is to find a good source of Podcasts to listen to.

Most of them are Free to download and as long as you identify the right host, you will learn a tonne.

As soon as we first met Michiel Laubscher we liked what he had to say.

Michiel is the host of the Cashflow Ninja Podcast…we loved the name right away!

To quote from his website…

M.C. Laubscher is a wealth strategist, educator, and financial freedom fighter. He is the President and CEO of Producers Wealth and creator and the host of the popular and top-rated business and investing podcast, Cashflow Ninja.

His purpose and mission is to help producers and creators create, protect and multiply their wealth in ANY Economy without getting ripped off by Wall Street & their governments.

M.C. challenges existing societal belief systems and misinformation around concepts such as money, saving, investing, wealth and retirement.

Last week David Sewell, our Founder, was pleased to be back on CashFlow Ninja for his 3rd appearance.

18 months has passed since our last interview with Michiel and so much has happened with International Coffee Farms in Panama and Belize Cacao Consortium in Belize.

Not to mention the birth of AgroNosotros!

So, sit back, relax and listen as David and Michiel catch up on all the exciting events of the last year and a half.

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
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