David Sewell Is On The Get Rich Education Podcast…Again!

Jul 18, 2018 | Cacao, Coffee, Newsletter

We’ve got a special treat for you today.

Our Founder, David Sewell, is appearing on Get Rich Education for the 5th time!

This is a Podcast that you don’t want to miss!

Keith Weinhold is a writer for Forbes, a Rich Dad contributor and ..


Keith and David talk about agricultural property as an alternative and complimentary asset class to traditional real estate.

Listen and learn:

01:14 The world needs food. It’s population grows by 200,000 people daily. Arable land decreases.
06:15 Previously, David appeared on GRE Episodes 28, 60, 125, 157.
07:40 Coffee tree parcels in Panama, cacao tree parcels in Belize.
11:07 Team of farm management pros. Soil science.
18:13 On-site handling adds “single estate” value to beans.
21:16 Who is the end consumer?
27:18 Annual cash flow from annual harvests.
31:20 Tenants vacate property. Trees do not.
33:20 11% return plus potential appreciation.
34:00 Half-acre parcels available now: $18,900 coffee, $25,725 cacao.
35:18 Commodity prices, do not confuse with the Specialty market.
37:36 Attend a coffee and cacao field trip.
39:37 The world has about 200 nations. How many do you own property in?
43:17 Learn more: see the Coffee and Cacao Investor Reports.

Have you been thinking about diversifying into agricultural property? You like the fundamentals behind it but don’t want to manage the farms yourself?

Visit our new AgroNosotros website to learn more then continue your due diligence in our members area.

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Happy Listening!

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