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Feb 2, 2019Blog

As we get ready to attend another amazing Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea in March, we know we can expect to hear Peter Schiff tell us that the next crash, in his words “the real crash” is coming, and coming soon.

We spend a lot of time at events like this surrounding ourselves with people who are way smarter than us, and we take on board what they have to say.

Over the last few years we have taken measures to store enough cash reserves offshore to operate the company if/when the next correction happens.

Unlike your typical real estate investor who uses as much debt as possible, because as Robert Kiyosaki describes it, it’s good debt, we made sure we have zero debt.

It is important for us and our clients to know that we have all our land, assets, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure fully paid for, so no-one is looking over our shoulder when the shit hits the fan!

We have continuously re-invested in the company over the last few years to add as much suitable farmland as possible to our portfolio and get it planted. To get the team and infrastructure in place now so when the real crash comes, we are simply in the business of growing, processing and selling amazing specialty coffee and fine flavor artisanal chocolate.

Not running around looking for investor capital or worried about how rising interest rates affects our ROI.

If you have been attending these events or listening to the same podcasts, hopefully you too are getting prepared.

One option in crash proofing your portfolio is moving some of your hard-earned money outside of your home country, away from paper assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds and into cash flowing, real assets that are uncorrelated to the stock market.

Owning Gold and other precious metals is one way and we do that too, as a hedge, but it lacks the cash flow.

We firmly believe that by owning productive farmland you can make not only a defensive play but also an offensive strategy.

With the earth’s population getting bigger by the second, more and more mouths to feed and less and less arable land, the daily increase in demand for calories is not going away.

Recession or no recession.

Add to this, the fact that specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao cannot be grown just anywhere. It must be grown between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer. So, the land we own is a finite resource.

But the products we grow and produce can be sold anywhere!

The world is our oyster and we have a huge amount of flexibility to be able to react to the changing markets and sell our non-perishable products into different markets around the world.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

By owning parcels in turnkey managed farmland, that produces excellent coffee and chocolate, you are diversifying your portfolio, mitigating your risk and increasing your chances to prosper by adding passive cashflow for generations to come.

We have parcels available right now in both Panama and Belize if you are ready to crash proof your portfolio and caffeinate your cash flow!

Contact me for details.

Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

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