Infinite Returns From Agriculture

Apr 18, 2019Blog, Opportunities

Infinite Returns.

If you listen to as many real estate and investment podcasts as we do, and if Robert Kiyosaki is one of them, then you will have heard a lot about infinite returns lately.

What does it mean?

It’s when you can invest in something and over a period of time get all of your initial investment capital back and yet sill keep receiving revenue from the investment.

Now, if you can achieve this with a truly turnkey managed opportunity then you have passive infinite returns.

Sound appealing?

You can receive annual cash flow in perpetuity, generating infinite passive returns and you don’t have to do anything!

That’s how a client of ours recently described his ownership of coffee farm parcels in our farm network in Panama.

After a few years of full production, he will have his initial investment capital back and the trees on the farm will not suddenly stop producing coffee.

The life cycle of the tree for producing high-end specialty coffee is around 15 years. With constant and carefully managed crop rotation, the farms will continue to produce a steady supply of coffee and cash flow for generations.

Successful coffee families, like wine growers, have been doing this successfully for decades and created sustainable, generational wealth.

Want to learn more?

Further your due diligence and see if owning coffee farm parcels in our newest specialty coffee farm is right for you.

Then contact me to get started on creating infinite returns for your portfolio.

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