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Feb 13, 2019Blog, Cacao

AgroNosotros has a simple yet clear byline.

Grow it Globally!

And we don’t just mean our specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao that we grow in Panama and Belize.

Or even the growing list of coffee and cacao farm parcel Owners who are spread around the 4 corners of the globe.

At this stage in our development and growth as a company, we are busy Growing our list of clients, distribution partners, end-users for our coffee and chocolate products, market influencers and industry professionals.

We have made some strong, strategic alliances with very qualified, yet very humble people in the coffee and chocolate world and they are introducing us to their inner circle.

One of whom is a unique raw and vegan chocolate company, based in the UK and supplying vegan chocolate companies throughout the UK and Europe. They are already using our Belizean beans to create a unique line of Easter eggs and bars for their clientele.

So, everything in the product development and delivery side of our business is expanding and progressing at a steady pace.

High up on the list of new-found friends and associates is Swiss Chocolate Maker, Werner Rüegsegger.

Werner is an expert in “bean to bar” single origin chocolate manufacturing.  He has developed new products in bakery, confectionary, confiserie and chocolaterie management in his 45 years’ as an expert in the industry.

Ably assisted by his amazing wife, Mitsue. Mitsue is Japanese and has over 30 years’ experience in the chocolate and candy industry. She is also very well connected and respected in the Japanese community.

As a market for both specialty coffee and fine flavor chocolate, Japan has a reputation for only wanting the very best, and they are not afraid to pay for it.

You may have heard of the award wining coffee from Boquete that sold for $803 a lb. last year (versus $1.30 a lb. for commercial coffee) to a company from Taiwan.

The 2nd most expensive lot sold for $663 a pound to a company from Japan.

David Sewell, our Founder, and his wife Debra have been in Japan for the last few weeks introducing our Mahogany Chocolate products to the Japanese market.

They recently attended the world famous Le Salon du Chocolat event in Tokyo, and several smaller chocolate events in Fukuoka and other surrounding areas.

During their time in Japan, they have been introduced to Werner and Mitsue’s contacts, long-time business associates and even a few former apprentices.

One of these gentlemen has 100 bean-to-bar chocolate making clients in Japan and he has already requested and received samples of our Belizean beans. He will be making a trip to origin in Belize in April.

An Import/Distributor business associate introduced to us by Werner and Mitsue has also requested multiple samples for his clients and is excited enough about the potential opportunity in Japan, that he and another associate will both attend the Belize Cacao Symposium May 9-12 in Punta Gorda, Belize, sponsored by our very own Peini Cacao and Mahogany Chocolate.

Everyone has been very interested in our products and our story of how we are reinvigorating the Belizean cacao and chocolate industry and paying the farmers a fair, living wage, as well as providing training and Free saplings.

Some interesting new relationships have been developed and you will be hearing more about them very soon.

The team travelled to Japan with high hopes and a suitcase full of samples of cacao beans, cacao nibs and finished Belizean and Brukdown bars.

They will be coming back with an empty suitcase, but not empty handed!

If you want to meet Werner and Mitsue in person, come to Belize in May where Werner will be the Keynote Speaker at our Belize Sustainable Agriculture Symposium.

Check out the Symposium section on our new website and sign up today!


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