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[Progress update] Exciting cacao/chocolate offering

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There is a whole lot more to selling chocolate bars than simply getting the flavor and packaging right.

After you have studied the market and identified your niche, perfected your recipe and branding, then comes the “fun” part. Getting the permits in place to be able to sell your bars to the end consumer.

We started this process more than a year ago for our new range of Mahogany Chocolate bars that will be sold in Panama, and we only launched the Offering a few months ago!

Two of the longest lead items and first requirements, are the location of your chocolate making facility and the operating permit for that facility.

We have been making and selling chocolate bars from our own facility for 2 years now so that is already in place.

For the first phase of production for our Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC Offering, we will use our existing facility and simply expand production.

To do this, we identified and ordered a new complete line of chocolate bar making equipment from Selmi, a well-respected producer in Italy.

Having the operating and sanitary permits in place as we launch this Offering saves at least 1 full year off of the start-up timeline.

On top of the permits mentioned above, any new food product that you wish to sell in Panama has to be sent to an approved laboratory for testing before that product can be registered with the Ministry for Health. This step has also been completed and permits are in place.

This way we are just as motivated as you to produce the best product and generate the most profit, for as long as possible.

This is a critical requirement. As an investor, you always want to look for opportunities where your interests, and those of the Company (or developer, or management, etc.) are aligned with yours.

What does it mean for your “interests to be aligned”? When your interests and the Company’s interests are aligned, you and the Company share a common objective and goal. And the Company is incentivized to do what is in YOUR own best interests.

That’s the epitome of a win-win for an investor. And it means that we are shoulder-to-shoulder with you as to our interests, as opposed to being on opposite sides of the table.

As an aside, through our Socially Sustainable bonus pool program, our workers are also rewarded for their efforts with a performance related share in the profits. Now it´s win, win, win and we are all pulling in the same direction.

New Mahogany Chocolate Bars
New Chocolate Machines

When we speak to our investors, they love the idea of creating something new.

Taking raw land and developing it into a specialty coffee or cacao farm. Creating brands from scratch and then seeing them available on Amazon!

But they also want to see Products and Cashflow ASAP!

With our latest cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, you get the best of both worlds.

You get the excitement of getting in on the ground floor, but the Sponsor has already laid the foundations.

To re-cap on all of the progress made so far in this exciting project…

  • The cacao farms have been identified and planted over a year ago.
  • The processing facility at origin in Belize is in-place and operational.
  • The production facility in Panama has been identified and is already permitted.
  • The new equipment has been ordered and is on its way from Italy.
  • The chocolate bar recipes have been created and taste amazing!
  • The bars have been registered and approved for sale in Panama.
  • The branding and packaging are finalized and we are talking to printers!
  • The market research has been completed and pricing has been set.
  • Conversations are ongoing with 3 established distributors in Panama.

There is still a lot of work to do and we are extremely excited about reaching those next milestones.

For you as an investor, if you are looking to get involved in an agricultural real estate offering, that is completely vertically integrated from “seed to finished chocolate product”, with experienced operators and existing infrastructure all in-place, check out Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC on our website.

If you are an Accredited Investor, and in a position to invest $30,000 or more, request the full set of Private Placement Documentation here and then schedule a call and let’s talk!

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