Uncorrelated Crops… Not Manipulated Stocks

Oct 1, 2018Blog, Opportunities

Recently we spent another amazing couple of days with The Real Estate Guys at their Secrets of Successful Syndication event in Dallas.

The caliber of attendees and faculty is always of the highest quality and these twice-annual events continue to deliver excellent value.

Obviously, real estate was the main focus, specifically, how to syndicate larger deals. But, more importantly, Robert Helms and Russel Gray were there to educate the 240+ attendees on the role that real estate syndication can play in the life they want to lead and their retirement.

Real estate has made more people millionaires and billionaires than any other asset class.

It has also helped dozens of last weekend´s attendees to retire from their day jobs and become full-time real estate investors, some of them as young as 30 years old!

We are not talking about rehabbing and flipping houses here.

True generational wealth is made through long-term ownership of steadily cash flowing properties spread out over multiple locations and markets. Whether this is multi-family, resort property, single-family homes, mobile home parks or agricultural real estate.

The super wealthy have always used real estate to grow and protect their portfolios and they know that you need to be patient. It is not a get rich quick play.

You make decisions and take action today, to provide for your children and grandchildren in the future.

Nowhere is that more applicable than in agricultural real estate.

Ownership of farmland that produces an in-demand, non-perishable crop is a tried and tested way to build up your portfolio without dealing with the dreaded 3 T´s in traditional real estate….

Toilets, tenants and termites!

When you own productive farmland, like specialty coffee or fine flavour cacao farms, your tenants are trees! They turn up for work every day, they don’t move out in the middle of the night without paying the rent..and they are really quiet!

And once you have identified the correct, proven crop to grow and the ideal location to grow it in..the world is your oyster.

You are not held hostage by the job market in your area to dictate your occupancy rates. You can sell your crop into any market, in any country around the globe, with any terms and conditions that you wish.

In our case, your revenue is generated from the world-wide sale of specialty coffee and gourmet chocolate. Two $100 Billion Dollar industries.

The market for both products are purely supply and demand driven. A free market, completely uncorrelated with the stock market. Free from manipulation and secured with physical hard assets, not paper!

The Real Estate Guys and all the syndicators at their events are on a mission to take as much money out of the hands of the irresponsible fat cats on Wall Street.

And to place it into safe and secure cash-flowing real estate on Main Street.

Until recently, only the top 2% of the world’s wealthiest families had the large sums of money and resources needed to identify, acquire and then operate farmland on a level needed to be a global distributor.

This is where AgroNosotros and our coffee and cacao farms come in.

We founded International Coffee Farms (ICFC) in 2014 and the Belize Cacao Consortium (BCC) in 2016, so that regular people like you and me could own offshore agricultural farmland and have it managed for you on a completely turnkey basis.

If you are reading this newsletter, it means you have heard about what we do and signed up to learn more. Something resonated with you.

Most of our new clients tell us that they are heavily invested in paper assets and are looking for an opportunity to diversify into hard assets, often outside of their home country and into uncorrelated proven agricultural property.

With the stock markets at record highs…is it time you took some “cash off the table”, out of the casinos of Wall Street and reallocated it into secure, productive farmland that will pay annual returns to your family for generations?

Think about that!

Contact us to find out how.

Darren Doyle

Darren Doyle

Co-Founder and President of Agronosotros

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