Your new & improved cacao parcel ownership faq!

Just a few days ago, we rolled out our new and improved Peini Cacao website and social media channels.

They contain a lot of information on our farms, our team, the farmers we work with, our processing facilities, our semi-finished and finished chocolate products.

If you are reading these newsletters it is more than likely because you were interested in owning half acre parcels in one of our cacao plantations in Belize or in one of our coffee farms in Panama.

As we continue to develop into a fully-fledged specialty agriculture and fine food company, our material will be more and more geared towards just that. Farming and food!

But we have not forgotten about you! In this newsletter we are pleased to provide our new & improved and vastly updated frequently asked questions brochure that covers the parcel ownership side of our business.

The FAQ covers the main questions we get asked on a daily basis when someone is interested in owning parcels in a turnkey managed, specialty agriculture real estate opportunity.

The next stage in furthering your due diligence is to go to the Land Ownership page on our parent website, AgroNosotros. Just click here https://agronosotros.com/land-ownership/

This is where you can start to dig into the details, sign up for newsletters and check out our upcoming events like coffee and cacao origin farm tours and our new cacao Symposium!

It is also where you can access the ownership and purchase agreements as well as the financial projections. These will give you a clearer idea of how the farmland ownership opportunity is structured and what you can expect to receive as a parcel Owner.

Simply complete the online, fillable NDA and you will receive access to our Exclusive Members area.

Feel free to share this email and the FAQ with your family or friends or anyone who is interested in learning how to diversify outside of their own back yard, outside of traditional real estate and into offshore agricultural real estate that features 2 of the world’s most in demand, proven products…coffee and chocolate!

With the way the stock market performed in December, parking some of your hard-earned savings in an uncorrelated asset like cash flowing farmland should be a part of a good investment strategy for 2019 and well beyond!

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
Co-Founder & President of AgroNosotros
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