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🌱 Breaking Ground - New Cacao Nursery!

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Exciting times this week as our farm team got started building our 75,000 capacity cacao sapling nursery on our new farm in Chiriqui Grande, Panama.

Andres Lopez, or VP of Farming Operations, had carefully identified the best area on the 62.5 hectares (156 acres), based on the topography, location, access, and soil.

We will be using soil directly from the farms to fill the 75,000 bags in the nursery, mixed with some sand and other ingredients from Andre’s "secret formula," to give the saplings everything they need in these critical, formative months.

Cacao trees have an optimal production lifespan of 25 years. So, before you plant an entire farm, you need to be sure that you have only the strongest, highest-quality saplings grown from the best seeds in the best possible conditions before you commit to them for 25 years!

We will also be grafting, using stock from carefully selected varietals, which we will report on in detail when we reach that stage in the process.

In a previous email, we mentioned that some of our coffee farming team relocated to live on and manage this new farm. The first person to relocate was Eliceo Miranda, one of our most trusted and longest-serving farmers. Friends and colleagues call him Cheo!

Cheo’s family is originally from the community where the new farm is located, and he was happy to return home and take charge of the first stages of this project.

We rented him a house on the property, and he is already settled in and working on the nursery.

Cheo will be supplying regular photos and updates as we develop the nursery and begin preparing then planting the farm, so we will have lots of regular updates coming your way.

Stay Tuned!

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