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Download Your Updated Coffee Parcel Ownership FAQ

Last week we rolled out our new Peini Cacao website and social media channels. Closely followed by the new and improved Cacao Parcel Ownership FAQ

The website contains all the most current information on our farms, our team, the farmers we work with, our processing facilities, our socially sustainable programs and our semi-finished and finished chocolate products.

The FAQ covers the main questions we get asked on a daily basis when someone is interested in owning parcels in a turnkey managed, specialty agriculture real estate opportunity…like cacao farmland in Belize!

Continuing our 2019 update across the board, we are now very pleased to provide the latest edition of our Coffee Farm Parcel Ownership FAQ

The very first edition was created in June 2014.

As you can imagine, quite a lot has happened since then!

Hot on the heels of this FAQ update, we will be going LIVE with our brand-new International Coffee Farms (ICFC) website later in the week.

Following the pattern that you saw last week in Cacao, the new ICFC site is all about coffee, farming, varietals, coffee processing facilities, cupping and grading protocols and our unique “Art of Coffee Science”

This site will be the go-to place for green coffee buyers as they learn about our coffee company and the micro lots of in-demand varietals that we have to offer the coffee industry.

If you are reading these newsletters you may very well be a coffee industry professional. If so, let me know!

However, it’s more than likely that you signed up to learn about owning parcels in one of our farms. 

So, the FAQ is created for you!

Here you will find the most up-to-date numbers and details on our current 11 coffee farms, our new nursery, how may trees we planted over the last 4 years and how our first 3 harvests went.

Once you have read the FAQ, the next stage in furthering your due diligence is to go to the Land Ownership page on our parent website, AgroNosotros. Just click here https://agronosotros.com/land-ownership/

This is where you can start to dig into the details, sign up for newsletters and check out our upcoming events like coffee and cacao origin farm tours and our new Cacao Symposium, May 9-12, 2019!

It is also where you can access the ownership and purchase agreements as well as the financial projections. These will give you a clearer idea of how the farmland ownership opportunity is structured and what you can expect to receive as a parcel Owner.

Simply complete the online, fillable NDA and you will receive access to our Exclusive Members area.

Feel free to share this email and the FAQ with your family or friends or anyone who is interested in learning how to diversify outside of their own back yard, outside of traditional real estate and into offshore agricultural real estate that features 2 of the world’s most in-demand, proven products…coffee and chocolate.

And stay tuned for our next email with links to the new International Coffee Farms website.

If you are a parcel Owner or visited our farms, you may see a familiar face..or two!

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