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Sweeten-Up Your Retirement Plan!

For our first 4 or 5 years of operations, we had about 30% of our clients using some form of retirement funds to acquire parcels in our coffee farms in Panama and cacao farms in Belize.

It was a perfect fit!

Then, for the past couple of years, as the Government’s deeding requirements changed, most US-based Custodians were no longer able to accept documentation that was acceptable to the Panamanian and Belizean authorities.

This left many people extremely disappointed, as they felt that their under-performing IRA provided the ideal source of funds for farmland investment opportunities.

By their very nature, these agricultural projects take time to reach production and positive cashflow and so they are a perfect fit for retirement funds as part of your long-term planning.

As one client aptly called it “A patient investment for patient money!“


One of the many reasons why we have pivoted to a more compliant Private Placement model for our newest cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation LLC, was so that our clients could once again free-up and deploy funds from all types of retirement accounts.

Now, Peini Cacao can once again accept IRA, SD-IRA, 401k and eQRP funds.

So, for those of you who are worried about the future of your retirement accounts, or the volatile stocks, bonds and mutual funds they may be invested in, we have a viable, secure and uncorrelated investment opportunity that could be the perfect fit for you and your IRA.

Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC is a 506c Reg D exempt Private Placement Offering where you can invest in already planted cacao farmland in Belize and participate in the revenue generated from chocolate bar sales in Panama and internationally.

If you are an Accredited Investor, we have a solution to the current market volatility.

And, we have most of the heavy lifting already done before you join!

  • The cacao farms were planted a year ago.
  • The processing facility at origin in Belize is in-place and operational for 3 years.
  • The production facility in Panama has been identified and is already permitted.
  • The new factory equipment is already in Panama and construction is underway!
  • The chocolate bars have been customer tested and they taste amazing!
  • The year-long permitting process is complete for the 1st 4 chocolate bars.
  • The branding is complete, packaging designed and ready to go to market.
  • The market research has been completed and pricing has been set.
  • Conversations are ongoing with established food distributors in Panama.

If you like the idea of redeploying your retirement funds and joining forces with an experienced operator, with the infrastructure already in place, then download the Executive Summary, check out the progress made so far and schedule a call with me here.

We look forward to helping you Sweeten Up and Protect your hard-earned retirement account.

Darren Doyle
Darren Doyle
Co-Founder & President of AgroNosotros
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