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🍫 [Chocolate News] New Distribution Channels Established!

After what has been a pretty lean 2020 for chocolate bar orders, due to reasons that we all understand yet could not control, 2021 has started with a bang!  This week we received 3 orders from 3 significant channels and 3 different countries. Japan, the US, and Panama. It didn’t happen overnight, though. During 2020 our team spent a lot
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Take a virtual tour of our new factory

After months of remodeling, delays, surprises, and lockdowns, our new chocolate factory in Boquete, Panama is now open and operational! Willy Wonka has arrived in Panama! To give you a better idea of how the factory looks, explain what each machine actually does, and to demonstrate how the Team has pulled off this quite amazing feat of opening under "2020
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Reporting Live From Boquete!

Greetings from a cool and rainy Boquete, Panama! This past week has been a hive of activity as we hosted our first private investor tour since January, and as work continues full steam ahead in the remodeling and developing of our new chocolate factory (to be known as an Atelier). The crew have been busy knocking down walls, putting in
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Grand Opening! New Panama Chocolate Factory (AKA ATELIER)

For those of you already invested in Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, the latest chocolate syndication, and for those of you planning to join soon, these next few weeks will be very exciting! After months of rehab, re-wiring the building to add 3-phase power and dealing with all the various government agencies like the health dept, the fire dept and the municipality, we are at the
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New Packaging Machines and Chocolate Bar Wrappers Ordered!

As we continue in the phased development and expansion of the current chocolate-making factory in Belize and the introduction of our new factory in Panama, we are adding new equipment and altering our packaging process to handle the increased production and sales volume. Until now, each and every bar we made has been individually wrapped and packaged by hand. Considering
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9 Tons of Coffee Sold in A Week!

It’s 5 am and our Panama team are all logging onto a video conference call with our Team in Japan, where it is 8pm on a Friday evening. We were also joined by our Chocolate Maker Team in Switzerland, Werner and Mitsue. A few months ago, we shipped our first container of coffee, 9 metric tons, to our new partners in
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AgroNosotros & Belize Asset Management – Fireside Chat

Last weekend we recorded a very interesting conversation with one of our partners, which we think you are certain to find captivating and valuable as you continue getting to know us, and in your due diligence on our current cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC. The idea was to have an informal chat. Not “another webinar” with a PowerPoint and a sales pitch! Just a friendly conversation about who
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How Peini Cacao Selected It’s New Chocolate Making Equipment

By Armando Choco, Executive Chocolate Maker, Mahogany Chocolate, Our business model is focused on high quality, craft chocolate.  To produce a consistent, high quality product, you need full control from “seed to bean to finished product” and you need top-of-the-line equipment.  Since we started in 2017, our chocolates were produced at our retail store and kitchen in San Pedro, Ambergris
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9 tons of green coffee on its way to Japan!

Over the last 2 years we have been steadily building our relationships within the coffee and chocolate industry in Japan. From our previous newsletters you will know that we brought Werner and Mitsue Rüegsegger onto our team as consultants during this time. Werner is a Swiss Chocolate Maker with 50+ years’ experience. He and Mitsue have been doing business in
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Work begins on new chocolate factory in Panama

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory is coming to Boquete, Panama! We are extremely excited to have started work on our new chocolate factory. Originally the plan was for the factory to be located in the Free Zone in Panama City, but after careful consideration, we have decided to begin production in our hometown of Boquete, Panama. There are many reasons to
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