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🍫 New Chocolate Making Equipment on its way

Thursday May 21st, 2020 marks the day that we ordered our brand-new line of chocolate bar making equipment to start up our new factory in Panama. As part of our current cacao/chocolate Offering, Peini Cacao Plantation, LLC, we will continue growing cacao in Belize and fermenting and drying the beans there. However, for this Offering we are adding another market in
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Our Companies and The New-Normal

Greetings to all our AgroNosotros Clients, Friends, Family and everyone else who follows our newsletters. First off, we hope that this email finds you and your family safe and well during these unprecedented times. The economic uncertainty coupled with a global pandemic has brought most of the world as we know it to a halt. Thankfully our families, team, workers
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Welcome to quiet luxury Boquete’s jazz festival and valentine’s day event!

FEB 13 – 16, 2020 (OR COME EARLIER/STAY LONGER)YOUR QUIET LUXURY BOQUETE (QLB) EVENT PACKAGE WILL INCLUDE: Deluxe private car transportation to/from David airport and Boquete and local transport in “appropriately” equipped 4WD vehicles  3 nights (or 4-5-7+ nights or more if you wish) in a suite or luxury room, all the food and drinks (alcohol included) that you can
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[Mahogany Chocolate] New Belize Distributor – 600+ locations

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now under contract with the largest full-service and refrigerated national food distributor in Belize to carry our complete line of 6 artisanal chocolate bars which include the 4 most recently developed products. When we rolled out our Belizean and Brukdown bars nationally about a year ago we began selling them just in our
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Increasing recognition for ICFC and our coffee

In today’s world with so much choice and so many options available to the consumer with the internet putting goods from around the globe at your fingertips, it’s not enough to have a quality product. Your brand needs to be recognized. If you have the best coffee in the world but no one knows who you are, you won’t receive
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Our award-winning Coffee and Cacao!

Just as every mother thinks their child is the cutest and brightest, all coffee and chocolate producers think their product is the “best in class”. We are all a bit biased, and that’s OK. That’s also why independent 3rd party ratification in these 2 very competitive industries means so much. In the last few months we have been very grateful to
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Elida Estate Gesha Earns $1,029 Per Pound in Record-Breaking Best of Panama Auction

The 23rd Best of Panama specialty coffee auction resulted in astounding prices, including a BoP auction-record-breaking natural-process Gesha variety from the Lamastus family’s Elida Estate that fetched $1,029 per pound. The 49 lots sold at the auction generated nearly $560,000 for farmers, with per-pound averages reaching just above $100. Among the forty-three 100-pound lots sold, none fetched less than $28 per pound, reflecting the high prices
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Panama Coffee Breaks Records..Again!

Well it certainly is reassuring to know that we are in the coffee business in the right country! Panamanian Geisha coffee has once again smashed its own record, selling at auction for an eye watering $1,029 lb. Think about that…that’s more valuable than the vast majority of commodities traded today! And, take into account that the NYSE commercial commodity price
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Mahogany chocolate bar sales are taking off in Belize

It’s now five months after we launched our two new chocolate bars in Belize….the Belizean and Brukdown. Initially available only in our own Mahogany Chocolate store, located in Ambergris Caye, we soon started getting requests from local stores to supply them wholesale…so we did. We opened a new cacao processing and chocolate making factory in Punta Gorda, Toledo in Southern
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Live from Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

AgroNosotros has a simple yet clear byline. Grow it Globally! And we don’t just mean our specialty coffee and fine flavor cacao that we grow in Panama and Belize. Or even the growing list of coffee and cacao farm parcel Owners who are spread around the 4 corners of the globe. At this stage in our development and growth as
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