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Sweeten-Up Your Retirement Plan!

For our first 4 or 5 years of operations, we had about 30% of our clients using some form of retirement funds to acquire parcels in our coffee farms in Panama and cacao farms in Belize. It was a perfect fit! Then, for the past couple of years, as the Government’s deeding requirements changed, most US-based Custodians were no longer
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[Progress update] Exciting cacao/chocolate offering

There is a whole lot more to selling chocolate bars than simply getting the flavor and packaging right. After you have studied the market and identified your niche, perfected your recipe and branding, then comes the “fun” part. Getting the permits in place to be able to sell your bars to the end consumer. We started this process more than
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Why invest in Agriculture – Part 2!

We appreciate your recent interest in learning about our agricultural investment opportunities. In our last communication we covered the questions, Why Invest in Agriculture? and What is Agriculture? Now more than ever, investors are flocking towards agriculture as a steady, alternative asset. The stock market has seen huge volatility, with thousand-point daily swings, mostly driven by “program trading,” or machine-driven stock selling and
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Why Invest in Agriculture?

It´s an important question…especially when you own and operate 17 specialty coffee and cacao farms, as we do. Before we get into the Why… ask yourself… What is Agriculture? “Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock.  Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and fabrics. Cotton, wool, and leather are all agricultural products. Agriculture also
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[Sold out!] Coffee & Cacao parcels – Panama & Belize

We have never said these words since we started operations in 2014… We are completely Sold Out of Coffee farm parcels in Panama and Cacao farm parcels in Belize! Congratulations to all our parcel Owners, old and new, who have taken a step to protect their family’s wealth by moving their portfolio away from the volatile stock market (the casinos
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4 Coffee, 1 Cacao, and a trip to Boquete

Not quite “a partridge in a pear tree” but this is what we currently have in stock and available for you right now. The last 4 remaining coffee farm parcels in Panama, the absolute final cacao farm parcel in Belize, and the last available room in our upcoming Jazz & Valentines Event trip to Boquete. Due to the recent success
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Your Invitation – Quiet Luxury Boquete

Good afternoon to all you lucky parcel Owners who applied for and will be accepted as the very first Exclusive Members of Quiet Luxury Boquete (QLB). If you are a parcel Owner and haven’t made your application to become a Member, the time is now. And if are not yet a parcel Owner, maybe the time is now! Since we launched
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5 Years and counting – End of the Decade Promotion!

December 31st marks the END OF THE DECADE (EOD) and we are marking the occasion with something we have never done before!  Being in business for 5 years now, with that monumental event coinciding with the end of the decade, definitely calls for a celebration. So, to do that up right, we are slashing the price on a limited number of parcels in
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Coffee parcels available in our highest altitude farm

Last week our VP of Agriculture, Mr. Andres Lopez, took me to the top of the Jaramillo cluster of 5 farms. When I was there last year it was a tough, 2 hour long hike (and sometimes a crawl!) but this year I was extremely pleased when we were able to walk to the highest point in around 30 minutes
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Caffeinate your cashflow!

With the recent exciting news about our new Cannabis Financing and our private Island Syndication in Belize with their “sexy” ROI’s, it may be easy for some of you to lose sight of our core business model and what got us to where we are today. Owning and operating 12 Specialty Coffee Farms in Boquete, Panama! Just for starters. We covered Why Agriculture in our recent live Webinar and you
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