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Developing a Specialty Coffee Farm – Part 3 Activities on the Farm: Vermicompost Harvesting

We hope you have enjoyed the first 2 segments in our series of agricultural reports from Valentina Pedrotti, our in-house Biologist and Value Chain Analyst. You often hear us talking about International Coffee Farms (ICFC) “Art of Coffee Science” and how we implement modern farming practices to engineer our coffee farms to produce the best Specialty Coffee possible. It is
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Belize Cacao Consortium 4 Day Field Trip!

The team here at the Belize Cacao Consortium (BCC) invites you to join us for a fun and educational weekend in Belize. Come and visit our 3 cacao plantations, our cacao processing depot and our artisanal chocolate shop to learn the “BCC Secret Sauce” behind how we practice our own unique “Art of Cacao Science”. If you have been following our progress
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Analyzing And Improving Our Soil – Phase 2

Welcome back to the next update in this series of reports coming to you from our very own in-house Biologist and Value Chain Analyst, Valentina Pedrotti! This series is designed to give you a greater insight into the “Art of Coffee Science” that is being implemented throughout our network of 10 (soon to be 11!) specialty coffee farms in Panama.
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Tropical Adventure In Panama July 27th to 29th

We are now only 6 weeks away from hosting our 9th group coffee farm tour in Boquete, Panama. Scheduled for Friday July 27th through Sunday 29th The tour starts at 12 noon on Friday 27th and finishes late afternoon Sunday 29th. Many of our attendees who are already booked have planned some extracurricular activities either side of the coffee farm tour to make
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Wouldn’t It Be Cool To Own Your Own Chocolate Bar Brand?

Since we founded International Coffee Farms (ICFC) and Belize Cacao Consortium (BCC) our main focus has always been on growing Specialty Agriculture. Identifying two truly specialty crops, in demand yet in limited supply, that are established and desired the world over. Then acquiring farms and building our farm management teams to grow these crops. Years of hard work goes into
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Analyzing And Improving Our Soil

We talk regularly about how we apply the “Art of Coffee Science” on our coffee farms. It is an “Art” and it is a “Science”. That´s why we have 2 Agronomists and a Biologist on our team. By now you should all be familiar with Valentina Pedrotti, our in-house Biologist and Value Chain Analyst, but you may not be all
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